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The Fuller Brush Man In Hindi Download

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Poor Red Jones gets fired from every job he tries. His fiancée gives him one last chance to make good when he becomes a Fuller Brush man. His awkward attempts at sales are further ...DOWNLOAD
















































Poor Red Jones gets fired from every job he tries. His fiancée gives him one last chance to make good when he becomes a Fuller Brush man. His awkward attempts at sales are further complicated when one of his customers is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect. "Red" Jones attempts to prove himself to his sweetheart, Ann Elliott, by becoming a successful Fuller Brush door-to-door salesman. When one of his clients is murdered, "Red" becomes the number-one suspect by the police. He and Ann escape a trap set by the killer and his henchmen, but are still being chased through a war-surplus warehouse. Harry Cohn must have ponied up big to Louis B. Mayer for the services of his number one comic star Red Skelton. But the results were definitely worthwhile with The Fuller Brush Man.

Back in the 40s there were 3 things sold door to door by intrepid salesmen, encyclopedias, vacuum cleaners, and those brushes from Fuller. As sleazy Don McGuire points out to Red it takes personality which Red has, but not to sell anything but laughs.

Red's previous job before Fuller was a sanitation worker, but he insults Sanitation Commissioner Nicholas Joy and later is present in the house when Joy is murdered. One of Red's brushes is the weapon, but how it was used I can't say. Red was in a houseful of suspects and he looks like just the patsy for good size frame.

Columbia put three of its best female contract players with Red. Janet Blair plays the girl McGuire keeps trying to steal from him. Hillary Brooke and Adele Jergens were at the murder scene, a pair of femme fatales if I ever saw one.

In fact there's more than one and one obviously clichéd murderer as well.

The Fuller Brush Man has two good scenes. The first is in Red's apartment where he's trying to keep Blair, Brooke, Jergens and others apart from each other and the cops. Second is a madcap chase through a warehouse with everyone else chasing Red and Janet.

I hope Louis B. Mayer got enough money to offset what Columbia took in for The Fuller Brush Man. A lot of laughs, a must for Skelton fans. The opening scenes of "The Fuller Brush Man" are hardly promising: Red Skelton, playing a ne'er-do-well who can't hold a job, hopes to impress his lady-love with his skills as a door-to-door salesman, not knowing that he's been sent to the worst neighborhood in town by his adversary, his gal's other boyfriend. Seeing charming Skelton (with his happy chatter and lilting walk) being set-up as a chump is awfully sour, and the slapstick chaos which ensues isn't funny as a result. Thankfully, writer Frank Tashlin quickly gets off this baleful track, turning the proceedings instead into a comedic murder mystery, with Red one of the suspects in the killing of his former boss. The new plot thread--while neither original nor ingenious--does allow Skelton lots of funny business as an actor, with Janet Blair the perfect counterpart to Red's unintentional hero. The wild, free-for-all finale in a warehouse has staging and stunt-work as good as anything from the silent era, if not better. No wonder this was a box-office smash in 1948--it leaves the audience with a succession of happy highs. Followed two years later by "The Fuller Brush Girl". *** from **** Yes. See the company's official website here. Read its Wikipedia page here.

The public was much more aware of the Fuller Brush Company during the time of this movie than they are today. The Fuller Brush men were once a familiar part of the American scene.

See also:

Duck Soup to Nuts (1944) (1944). Daffy Duck introduces himself to Porky Pig as a Fuller Brush man.

The Fuller Brush Girl (1950) (1950). Lucille Ball stars in this sequel to the Red Skelton comedy. Yes. He's played by Jimmy Hunt, best known today for his lead role in Invaders from Mars (1953) (1953). The character comes from Red Skelton's radio program where Skelton himself played the role. Red calls himself Philo Jones. He's referring to Philo Vance, the amateur detective and bon vivant created by S.S. Van Dine, who featured him in twelve novels of the 20s and 30s. The character was also popular on the radio and in movies.


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