Sep. 18, 2018

The Fourth Man Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

The Fourth Man Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4 >>> DOWNLOAD

A man awakens from a two-month-long coma with total amnesia and sets out to discover the truth about his identity.

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original title: The Fourth Man

genge: Action,Adventure,Mystery,Romance,Thriller

imdb: 7.9

duration: 1h 47min

tags: THE FOURTH MAN on the trail of crimes and punishments!!!

budget: €700,000

keywords: assassin, amnesia, soldier, neonoir, suicide, sniper, murder, manhunt, gun, chase, brainwashedassassin, surpriseending








































A man awakens from a two-month-long coma with total amnesia and sets out to discover the truth about his identity. A man awakens from a two-month-long coma. Total amnesia. A bullet fired point blank. He doesn't remember anything. He's told that he had a wife and a son. They've been killed. He's revealed his past identity by the Colonel, who insists they are best friends. He's a Major of the Military Security Agency. An inspector from the State Security Agency appears affirming that he has information on people responsible for the massacre of his family. The Major is discharged from the hospital. He tries to patch together a normal life but is confronted with emptiness and despair. His only chance of discovering his identity and the assassin of his family is to accept the game that the Inspector has set up for him with the Businessman, the Mafioso and the Politician. He agrees... Discovers that he was a war criminal... Realizes who took a shot at him... Finds out who killed his family... Discovers the Fourth Man! This is just a disjointed mess of a movie, it's this bad type of story telling that is like 'connecting the dots'... Like they wrote on paper list of plot points they would like to have in the movie and then wrote some story to join it together. At first it starts as Bourne Identity/Leon ripoff, then it goes into classic revenge tale of a cop who's child was a drug victim, so he joins main protagonist to hunt criminal mastermind using unusual methods... And then it goes for the Memento/Oldboy kind of third act with a huge twist that will leave you in awe (sarcasm sign)... This movie steals from all over the place... Not to say that you can't make a good movie sticking to genre conventions, Tarantino made a career for himself by referencing and ripping off other people... But usually it's expected that you throw some of your own touches into the mix, and it also doesn't hurt to be little self aware. This movie takes it self way too seriously! So seriously that by the third act it's laughably bad.

But maybe it's not fair to label it as a bad movie just because it steals every psychological thriller ever made, so let's deconstruct it's level of badness. Execution is really bad... And don't say how i'm nitpicking, because if you have the money to get all of those locations equipment etc. It wouldn't hurt if you knew how to choreographed and shoot action. Other than that one shitty scene where Nikola Kojo breaks this one guys nose (they would cut after every punch to a same shot, only different take... why, only god knows), there isn't that may opportunities to show how bad at it they actually are at it but the last big showdown shitty as hell in those terms. From continuity errors to errors of logical kind... Nikola Kojo is trying to give it his best, and he is... He's trying to give some sort of depth to a shallow character but he is just plain overacting. And really, are you gonna cast Dragan Petrovic in that role, by the minute you see him on the screen you know that something's not right with him... it's his typical role... Jut like Nikola Kojo is here in his almost typical role... Maja Karan plays only one role ever, she's always the same and it's no exception here. Almost everyone is playing their typical character here, everything about this movie says that it's a movie made by committee. it's really a shame that in Serbia only small group of people get to decide on that projects should money be spent and that they always give it to the untalented people with no vision or artistic expression. Cinemas today are filled with movies that feel like they have been made by a machine that's just trimming out same product one after another... How good is that product is equivalent to the taste of a cake you by in a supermarket...Tasteless... And this one is like it too, only this one feels like it's been made by a in development version of that machine... Go watch any of the movies I mentioned above, I wouldn't say that those movies are masterpieces but at least they're not pretending they're something they're not. This movie begs you to associate it with modern Hollywood type of action thrillers, and I'm not buying it. Why are you so interested to know the truth? Let's just say that I'm fed up with all this. Let's just say it's all a lie. And what if it isn't?

Who is the major? What are the colonel true intentions? Is inspector friend or foe? And most important - who is the fourth man? If this introduction to the movie "Četvrti čovek" ("The Fourth Man") doesn't intrigue you, you will definitely be intrigued upon the entry to the cinemas and even more upon the exit. The answer to these questions will catch you unprepared, but maybe you knew the truth the whole time? "Četvrti čovek" is not only a very successfully realized genre movie, in the rank of big Hollywood thrillers, but also has a very strong domestic perspective that reaches back decades ago. That doesn't mean it will not be interesting for international audience. On the contrary, that gives an add value to the movie.

Thumbs up for the whole cast and crew, especially director Dejan Zečević. Great cinematography thanks to Goran Volarević. Nikola Kojo made one of his best roles in this movie. Bogdan Diklić and Dragan Petrović Pele are remarkable. Great female support by Semka Sokolović-Bertok and Dijana Marojević.


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